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Pere Quera 1887 is the official distributor of the Swiss watch brand Tudor in its boutique in Girona, Alicante and now also online.

Pere Quera 1887 incorporates Tudor watches in his online catalog. It is an award-winning Swiss brand that offers watches with refined aesthetics, proven reliability, and unique value for money. The origins of Tudor date back to 1926, when Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf registered "The Tudor" for the first time. The goal was to make watches with Rolex quality and reliability at a more affordable price. Thanks to their robustness and accessibility, throughout their history, Tudor watches have been chosen by the most daring adventurers on their underwater, land and glacier adventures around the world. Today, the Tudor collection includes iconic lines such as Black Bay, Pelagos or Royal. Since 2015, Tudor has also manufactured mechanical manufacturing movements with multiple functions and superior performance.
Starting today, you can purchase exclusive Tudor watches with just one click. Payment is 100% secure and free shipping throughout Europe in less than 96 hours.