Pere Quera 1887 & Fundació Ramón Noguera

The Ramon Noguera Foundation, a social entity that works to guarantee the quality of life of people with disabilities, presents the new collections of jewelery, designed and handcrafted inspired by emotions. They have 5 collections that revolve around the feelings that in recent years, due to the pandemic, have emerged with more intensity such as sadness, fear, joy and love. In addition, the head of jewelry and sixth generation of Pere Quera 1887, Mariona Quera has again collaborated in the design of necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings.

A collection inspired by the different moments of the feelings represented in the form of a zigzag. In addition, the necklace represents a smile to capture the positivism and desire to fight of people, during the last two years.

Pere Quera 1887 & Fundació Ramón Noguera