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Pere Quera 1887 & Patek Philippe


Pere Quera 1887 is the top expert in Fine Watchmaking in Girona and Alicante, and as such enjoys the privilege of being an official distributor of Patek Philippe, the benchmark for Fine Watchmaking worldwide.


The relationship between the two firms was established in the 1960s, under the direction of Pere Quera Güell, father of Pere Quera Serras, the current president of Pere Quera 1887. This link has been maintained and strengthened over these more than fifty years, and has even led Pere Quera to obtain a second official Patek Philippe franchise, this time in its new establishment in Alicante, opened in 2016.
Pere Quera and the Geneva firm share the status of "family business", a determining factor for following long-term policies of high qualitative value, which always has a strong influence on the quality and excellence of customer service these legendary watches demand.
 “The unbeatable quality of the products, the company’s values, its legacy, its way of winning over the customer...” This is how Pere Quera Serras defines what it values the highest about Patek Philippe. Mention should also be made of Patek Philippe’s constant support in image, marketing, communication and event tools, key factors to developing Pere Quera 1887’s firm vocation for expert advice. Training is also essential to achieving excellence in advising potential customers. This is an aspect to which Patek Philippe attaches immense importance and which enables the Pere Quera 1887 staff to provide advice to customers who wish to buy a Patek Philippe watch, using their optimal knowledge of the product and brand.
The image and the "Patek Philippe atmosphere" is another aspect that Pere Quera nurtures extremely carefully. Proof of this is the exclusive and personalised space that Pere Quera 1887 dedicated to Patek Philippe at the beginning of this new century. The same policy of exclusive and dedicated space has been followed at Pere Quera’s shop in Alicante, a determining factor in enhancing brand perception.
Pere Quera Serras highlights that the most important Patek Philippe watches they have sold over these years have not necessarily been the most complicated or expensive ones. He has an especially affectionate memory of the first Patek with Repetition of Minutes that a Girona customer purchased. This is in keeping with Pere Quera’s historical desire to serve and disseminate Fine Watchmaking among its fellow citizens.
As is logical, the anecdotes related to Patek Philippe have cropped up over a very lengthy period. Curiously, the one that the Girona firm’s current director best remembers and values the highest, arose because of a problem: "Unfortunately, a customer had a problem with a piece with very high complication. It was his first Patek Philippe watch and the relationship got off on the wrong foot. After analysing the occurrence, the brand gave him explanations about the problem and encouraged him to contribute to the solution throughout the process. The "savoir faire" and the brand’s personal involvement in the entire procedure led to this customer enjoying the magic and personalised attention of the after-sales service as much, or even more, than the purchase itself." Since then, this customer has not only expanded his collection of Patek Philippe watches, but has also become a fervent promotor of the brand.
This anecdote confirms the strong commitment to personalised attention that has historically been part of Patek Philippe’s genes, a parameter upon which Pere Quera has also based its business policy since Pere Quera Oliveras purchased a building in Girona’s Carrer de la Plateria and opened his first shop in 1887.
Sharing these values of quality and personalised attention, the two companies follow the same path, the only one possible in order to continue promoting authentic Fine Watchmaking and the historical values of Patek Philippe.