Pere Quera 1887 & Patek Philippe


Pere Quera 1887 is the top expert in Fine Watchmaking in Girona and Alicante, and as such enjoys the privilege of being an official distributor of Patek Philippe, the benchmark for Fine Watchmaking worldwide.


The relationship between the two firms was established in the 1960s, under the direction of Pere Quera Güell, father of Pere Quera Serras, the current president of Pere Quera 1887. This link has been maintained and strengthened over these more than fifty years. Pere Quera and the Geneva firm share the status of "family business", a determining factor for following long-term policies of high qualitative value, which always has a strong influence on the quality and excellence of customer service these legendary watches demand. Sharing these values of quality and personalised attention, the two companies follow the same path, the only one possible in order to continue promoting authentic Fine Watchmaking and the historical values of Patek Philippe.