Pere Quera 1887’s recently opened jewellery workshop boasts an extensive design, clothing and jewellery workshop, equipped with the latest technology on the market, and is a reference space along all its stages of creation, production and finishes for all types of jewellery. 


The main workshop is located on the first floor of this Girona boutique, occupying an expansive and open-plan space, the workplace of a team trained and prepared for any type of technique work. 


Pere Quera 1887 has gained experience and expertise that has been transmitted from generation to generation over its 130-year history in the world of jewellery.


These traditional techniques and the experience acquired over the years are combined with perfection using the latest in technological instruments that are updated year after year and which help to achieve perfection in all kinds of details and finishes, as well as to provide customers the speed and service worthy of their trust.


In the same way that microsurgery uses technology for operations, but human hands are essential to performing the operation, in jewellery making there are also many procedures where the jeweller's hand is irreplaceable. In addition, the touch of the hands and the eyes of the jeweller give the piece a finish that no machine can match. Working by hand demands self-control, a delicate touch and serenity. Much of the jewellery produced in the workshop is entirely handmade. To make a simple ring, completely handmade, a jeweller may take two hours to finish it, but with more complex pieces, it can take much longer.


This department can work with all types of finishes, from polishes to shading, glazing, pearling, etc. 


Any type of jewellery can be created as long as it is physically possible. All we need is your idea and to tell us about it at our jewellery workshop. We sometimes have certain objects that are very meaningful to us and we would like to be able to have with us at all times, such as an initial, an animal, a sports item, a symbol, etc. Any shape that we like can be made into a personal and unique piece of jewellery, using the latest generation laser cutter.


All of us have some valuable item of jewellery that we once acquired or that was passed down from a late family member that we do not wear as it no longer matches our current style but that has physical or sentimental value for us and that we do not want to get rid of. Why not let us at Pere Quera 1887 jewellery workshop transform and update this jewellery for you. We can transform a ring into a necklace or earrings into a bracelet. All you need to do is check with us and allow us to provide you with the solutions to allow you to wear them again. 


There are special moments in life which will last forever in your memory. On these occasions, the jewellery chosen must also have a special value and meaning, and you must be completely convinced that that is the right choice. One of those occasions may be your wedding. It is for this reason that at the Pere Quera 1887 jewellery workshop, we focus all our efforts on creating engagement rings, wedding rings and jewellery that go along with the bride and groom’s wishes.  From the simplest to the most sophisticated, the most affordable to the most exclusive, the soberest to the most ornate... a wide range of options to make this memory stay with you all your life. The design of the wedding or the engagement rings can be completely personalised and include the inscriptions you want.


Maria Quera, 6th generation of the family and a graduate of the Institute of GIA (Gemological Institute of America), the most prestigious jewellery institute in the world, is the head of the jewellery section at Pere Quera 1887. GIA is a non-profit organisation dedicated to research and training in the field of gemology and jewellery, founded in 1931 with the mission of protecting sellers and buyers of gems, establishing and maintaining standards for assessing gem quality. 


The quality of all material is something that goes without saying for all the jewels that come from Pere Quera 1887’s jewellery workshop. All our diamonds are certified and come with a guarantee of quality. All the shines that Pere Quera works with are VVS-VS quality and F-H coloured in order to guarantee only the highest quality.
Pere Quera 1887 works with major international gemmology institutes, for the certification of their shines, such as: GIA, HRD and IGI.


The pieces made in the Pere Quera 1887 jewellery workshop are combined in the shops with the main international jewellery brands. Traditionally, the most reputable firms in the world of jewellery are Italian, and the leading ones are represented here: Bulgari, Pomellato, Roberto Coin, Fope, Marco Bicego and Dodo, also the French brands Chaumet, Messika and Fred or the German brand Chopard.
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